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ThinkBigandGrow Media has licensed with the world’s most human-like text to speech technology and leading artificial intellingence to deliver you the only completely done for you, smart virtual assistant and 3D Avatars.

This creates leads and converts visitors to sales.  It’s conversational marketing to engage your visitors to stay with you.

  • Enjoy the boost in leads captured
  • Savor the jump in conversions to sales
  • Feel the power of looking and acting like the market leader in your field

Our artificial intelligence enables your chatbot to learn from engagements and become more exact for your visitors.  Plus, you get instant translations for other language visitors and no limits on the numbers of conversations.  These priceless abilities make this the best chat bot available at amazing savings to you.

AI Chat Bot

To ensure your business looks the best and “acts” the best online, we use industry leading features that are not available in any other chat bot app. This includes:

  • smart chat automation that learns as more responses arrive using the same intelligence like Siri on iPhones or Amazon Alexa.
  • interactive 3D avatars to present your message the way you like
  • award winning text-to-speech with life-like voices, giving you 3D avatar a more natural, human like feel.
  • instant translation in 36 languages to engage any visitor on your site
  • logo mapping to brand your chat bot to your company
14 Days Free Trial - No Credit Card Required

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Here’s More on the Benefits of the Personal Spokes Person & AI Chat Bot

Managed accounts

You get fully managed service.  This means you don’t waste time trying to create chats and monitor the AI interface.  We do that for you.  You just sit back and revel in the results.  You’re not left guessing how to make your AI Chatbots work best.

  • Transforms the way you greet online visitors and customers – FOREVER
  • Offer timely/personalized incentives, bonuses, etc.
  •  Get their questions answered
translation icon

Auto translate 36 of the world’s most common languages. The AI chatbot knows viewer browser language and can automatically translate to the viewers preferred browsing language.  Only 25% of searches are in English so this can be a lead and deal maker.

  • Lets you talk with visitors and customers in ANY language
  • Communicate and engage with any visitor instantly
  • Maximize reach And engagement
Mapped Logo Representation Image

The standard package includes your choice of 3D, animated spokes person with AI generated voices.  3D, animated animals are available, too.  Both live spokes persons and voice overs can be made for additional costs. Your chat bubble can custom colorized to match your business branding.

  •  Get a custom-branded avatar chat agent
  • Get better results and more revenue from your website
  • Take orders, book appointments, handle support/service issues

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14 Days Free Trial - No Credit Card Required

What Current AI Chat Bot Users Say…

I am impressed how it combines ease-of-use with super-powerful and unique, cutting edge technology. I’ve already used it on several of my websites with really spectacular results. Am I allowed to give 11 stars out of 10?”

Norman H.

WOW…When I saw the first the Avatar and Smart chat materialize on my website, I was literally awestruck by its 3d visual clarity, movement, and chat automation. The Avatar guides and instructs, while the chat gets the customer to pull out their credit cards!

J. Regan

I’ve been using this app and it’s far better than any other regular chat app. There’s such a wide range of spokespersons that you can use them to promote anything. It keeps the viewers engaged like nothing else I’ve seen. Congrats

Bob G.

You have definitely done your research and developed another ground breaking piece of software. I truly see great and game-changing potential. You are truly in a league of your own and head and shoulders above the competition. Thank you

Mike M.