How Your 5+ Free Leads Get Delivered to Your Business

This is NOT a Gimmick.  You Get Industry-Leading, Artificial Intelligence Chat Bot & 3D Avatars…

Here’s a real quick overview of our technology creating the free leads for your business:

We use the latest and most advanced conversational marketing and AI technology.  The artificial intelligence boosts the leads and sales of businesses like yours by engaging existing visitors to your website.

For more info on this – please watch this short videos.  They explain how the process works (total time: 2 min 42 sec).

​As was stated in the contact with you, we can give you a 30-day free trial to test drive the entire process. All you do is copy/paste a single line of code on your website (we can help you with this, it just takes 2 minutes).

You keep all the leads we generate for you in this 30-day period (whether it is 5 or 50!).  After that, if you like it, you invest just a small fee and monthly maintenance for us to keep running the campaigns.

We also do the optimizing for you for the long term (we are waiving the $497 setup)!

This type of engagement on business web pages has proven to boost results from clickthroughs from Google Ad, Yellowpages, and Yelp (and other paid ad sources).

Does that sound good? Please let us know. Then we can let you know how we can proceed forward.

You can also choose to start your 30-day trial by entering your email in the form below.  Next, you’ll then be taken to a new, secure page.   Complete that information so we can customize the actions and look of your chat bot and 3D avatar for your business (please ignore it saying 14-day free trial, you get a 30-day trial because you were contacted directly by our lead business adviser)…

Try Our Fully Automated 3D Avatar and AI Chat Bot Free for 14-Days

Complete the short form below with your email, and you'll  be taken to the page to begin your AI chat bot set-up.  No credit card is needed.  You test it.  When you see how amazing it is, you tell us, and we do the rest.

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