About the 3D Avatar & AI Chatbot Software App

We not only provide businesses with the leading technology and best artificial intelligence chatbot at the most affordable prices… You get complete management to ensure you boost your website engagement to get more appointments, more contacts, more leads and more sales.  We want you to feel like royalty in your market.  Watch this video below to see how our 3D Avatar & AI Chatbot can add to your revenue…

Your Results are All that Matter

ThinkBigandGrow Media has been providing digital marketing consulting and services since 2009.  We only bring to our clients the best digital solutions that will:

  • Boost website engagement
  • Increase sales
  • Get you more leads from calls, appointments, emails, etc.

Your growth is our goal because it’s your goal.  See below to start your 14-Day free trial.  No credit card is needed.


The features for the ThinkBigandGrow Media 3D Avatar & AI Chatbot all exist to build benefit for our clients.   Here are some of the key features and benefits for you…

super easy ai chatbot

Super Easy to Use

You can relax knowing you don’t need to learn a thing to put your 3D Avatar and AI Chatbot into action. We do everything. Even put it on your website if you don’t know how. This ensures no distractions so you can stay focused on other sales efforts.
image representing AI Chat Agent

An Agent for Any Purpose

You can have up to unlimited agents. Your avatars can be human or 3D characters. It’s your choice. You choose the plan, we do the work. Your Avatar and AI Chat Bot can handle any task… make appointments, get calls, collect emails, support, and more.

image representing market leading technology

Market Leading Technology

There’s nothing to learn. Your 3D Avatar and AI Chatbot are backed up by market leading technology. We make it work with the latest innovations in AI, 3D-animation, text-to-speech, and instant translation. No other app on the market comes close.

image representing visitor interaction

Web Visitors Interact More – Guaranteed

Your 3D Avatar & AI Chat Bot improve interaction on your website. The bottom line is you get more leads and the opportunity for more sales. You chatbot does the work.

Award Winning Smart Analytics

You get the power of AI, for real-time feedback on what works and what doesn’t work. The system automatically adjusts the chat flows to improve results as you go. You also get in-depth analytics on conversions, geo-location, engagement time and more!
image representing wavenet text to speech technolgy

Wavenet Text-to-Speech Technology

Over 108 life-like voices in 20+ languages. This is the same cutting-edge voice technology that powers Amazon Alexa and Google Home! This is ultra-premium, human-like voice creation. You’ll love how it sounds.

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